10 Famous Healthy Indian Foods and Their Calories

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A lot of people struggle to find food options that are healthy and easy to consume every day. Indian foods generally are filled with oil, ghee, and many spices that make them somewhat less healthy, but what if we tell you that some of the best healthy Indian food are flavorful and healthy at the same time! These are an everyday staple that you can have throughout the day and manage your weight like a pro! These foods are also very nutritious and will help you reach your health goal. Healthy Indian Foods1. Pulses & Legumes

Pulses, beans, and legumes are the most healthy Indian food that you can find! They are not only loaded with nutrients but also packed with protein. Legumes and lentils are a great source of protein for vegans and vegetarians since they cannot eat animal protein. They are also filled with vitamins and help in the overall growth of the body. Pulses also help in digestion and are an excellent food option for people with diabetes. It takes significantly less effort to cook a delicious dal & food in india poured over ghee on it. But apparently if you want pure ghee, then you can buy ghee online to enjoy lentils.

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Vegetable curries are known to be flavorful and satisfying. You can cook an extremely healthy Indian vegetable curry without compromising on the taste. Using healthy cooking tips and methods like using less oil and adding yogurt instead of heavy cream can make your vegetable curry enjoyable and nutritious. Vegetable curries are a tasty Indian food that people love to feast on with chapati or rice. It uses spices and aromatics that give a beautiful look and smell!3. Steamed Rice

Rice is an everyday staple that you will find in every Indian household. It’s economical, healthy and keeps you full for a long time. Now, a lot of people believe that rice is not healthy Indian food, but if you eat steamed brown rice, then you can get rid of this problem. It is packed with fiber and has lower calories as compared to white rice. You can pair your brown rice with a vegetable curry or a dal and enjoy a wholesome meal.4. Dhokla 

Dhoklas are a famous Indian food dish, and it comes from the state of Gujarat. We cannot leave this dish out of best healthy Indian food items! A lot of people have dhoklas that are steamed because they are low calorie and high in fiber. It’s healthy tasty Indian food for weight loss and is diet-friendly. The most wonderful thing is that it tastes delicious and has a beautiful texture.

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Typically Indians use wheat flour to make rotis, but nowadays, many healthy flour options are available. You can choose from multigrain atta, bajra, jowar and ragi atta that is more healthy and has less carb. Chapatis are very nutritious and made without the use of any oil. It’s a food that you can have every day with a simple side dish and achieve your health goals easily.6. Millet Dosa

Who does not like a crispy dosa but the problem is that it is not very healthy! So, why not fix the problem and make a healthy dosa instead? Eating a millet dosa is suitable for health and is also food in india quite effective against weight loss. If you’re trying to lose weight, then a millet is an excellent option for you. You can have it as breakfast or even as lunch!7. Poha

Poha is made with puffed rice and contains fewer calories and no starch. That already sounds healthy, isn’t it? You can add your favorite veggies to poha and enjoy a tasty and nutritious dish. It’s a tremendous weight-loss dish, and people enjoy eating it most as breakfast. 

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Tandoori chicken is a famous Indian food and is a mouth-watering dish. It requires very little to no amount of oil to make this dish. It uses spices that complement the flavor of the chicken and is cooked in a tandoor or over a fire. Tandoori chicken is the most ancient and healthy way of cooking a dish, and it gives a nice smoky flavor that is scrumptious.9. Idli

Idli comes at the top when we talk about south Indian food names. It is made with a fermented rice mixture and is then steamed. Idli is healthy and contains a meager amount of carbs. It is easy to digest and is a staple food in south India. It’s easy to make and tastes best with coconut chutney!10. Buttermilk

Buttermilk is also known as chaach in India and is a popular drink, especially in the summers. It is made from yogurt with some spices and salt added to it. It is generally served cold and is great for digestion. Buttermilk also hydrates the body and keeps the body temperature in check.

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Now that you know the most healthy Indian dishes you can eat, let us look at these Indian foods calories each contains (per 100g).Indian Food ListCalories per 100gPulses and Legumes116Vegetable Curry400 (approx)Steamed Rice126Dhokla160 (approx)Chapati/Roti265Millet Dosa100 (approx)Poha110Tandooti Chicken220Idli90Buttermilk40

If you think that Indian food cannot be healthy, then you are probably mistaken. Above we gave a yummy and healthy Indian food list and dishes that you can have every day for better health. Start eating right and say hello to an improved lifestyle!

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