A Street Food In India Guide That Has All The Delicacies To Make You Drool!

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Happfood in india iness is correlated with food in india food. If you are one such human being whose world revolves around this statement then India is the place you need to be at. Indians are obsessed with food and the never-ending list of street food in India is a testament to that. Visit any state and you will be impressed by the myriad of street food items that they will offer. From Uttar Pradesh to Tamil Nadu, all the Indian states are home to various traditional delicacies that will stupefy and satiate the foodie in you. if you are all set for your enthralling food spree, then take a look at this handcrafted list of street food of India and get ready to gorge on some unforgettable and mouth-watering dishes that will leave you gloated!17 Best Street Food In India

Whether it’s the Tandoori momos waiting for you in the capital city, Delhi or the Kathi rolls of Kolkata, this list of street food in India will make you want to leave everything and dive into the rich flavors of these Indian delicacies. Its time for adding some spice and glee to your life and if you are ready to keep scrolling down!Bihar’s Litti Chokha – A Whole MealLucknow’s Aloo Tikki And Dahi Bhalle – Lip-smacking ChaatMumbai’s Vada Pao And Pav Bhaji – Mumbai’s Staple DietAhmedabad’s Dabeli – Unique TasteKolkata’s Kathi Rolls – Roll Of Amazing TastePunjab’s Cholle Bhaturey And Lassi – Must-have DishDelhi’s Daulat Ki Chaat – Mouth-watering DessertBengal’s Puchkas – Tiny Flavorful BombsJammu and Kashmir’s Bhalle – Lakhanpur’s Famous FoodDelhi’s Momos – King Of Street FoodKarnataka’ Akki Rotti – The Perfect BreakfastHyderabad’s Mirchi Bajji – The Go-To SnackLucknow’s Tunde Kabab – Shahi Awadh CultureKarnataka’s Paddu – Dosa’s Little TwinMadhya Pradesh’s Poha Jalebi – Sweet And Sour CombinationRajasthan’s Bikaneri Kachori – Mouth-watering DishBengal’s Ghugni Chaat – Light And Tasty1. Bihar’s Litti Chokha – A Whole Meal

Image Credit: Vinay Sah for Wikimedia Commons

Who thought that a simple ball of whole wheat flour filled will make people drool just by its smell? Litti is the most famous dish of the state of Bihar and is made of whole wheat flour filled with roasted chickpea and barley flour. The main ingredient of this dish that makes it stand out is the herbs, spices, and ghee used in it. Litti is either served with chicken curry or chokha which is a delicious preparation of potato, eggplant, and spices. Litti Chokha is popular in Bihar, Eastern Uttar Pradesh, and Jharkhand. If you are anywhere around these states do try these amazing whole wheat flour balls that are made over coal to add that special taste in them.

Where To Try: D K Litti CornerCost: INR 150Timings: 11:30 am – 9:30 pm

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Image Credit: Avanthika Duraiswamy for Wikimedia Commons

Served with a tamarind sauce and mint sauce, Aloo Tikki is the yummiest dish that you will ever try in your life. If you are a lover of potatoes, then Aloo Tikki will make fall in love with them all over again. Though Aloo Tikki is served all around India the best one is available in Lucknow. Aloo Tikki is not only famous in India but the whole world is crazy about it and you can also find it in the Indian restaurants located worldwide. But nothing can beat the traditional Aloo Tikki served in India. Dahi Bhalle is another mouth-watering street food in India that you must try at Hazratganj in Lucknow. A street vendor sells these incredible Bhalles made of pulses and served with cold yogurt and tamarind dip.

Where To Try: GPO Ke Thande Dahi Bade, Aloo Tikki at Jain Chaat CentreCost: INR 100 per plateTimings: 9 Am – 10 Pm

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Image Credit: Tanveer Ahmed for Wikimedia Commons

Mumbai is known for its toothsome Vada Pav and Pav Bhaji. The most popular street food in Mumbai, Vada Pav is prepared by slicing a bun into two halves and then placing a deep-fried potato dumpling inside it with other dips applied on the bun. Vada Pav is one dish that all locals of Mumbai are mad about and the consumption of this dish is high in a day. The main reason for its popularity is the aromatic spices and fresh dips used inside it and the cheap cost of it. Pav Bhaji originated in Maharashtra and it is a delectable fast food item that you must not miss out on while you are in Mumbai. Savory vegetable curry served with bun rolls that are heated in lots of butter, Pav Bhaji is the definition of the perfect blend of vegetables and spices. So, try what all Mumbaikers eat and do relish these two succulent delights.

Where To Try: Shivaji Snacks & Vadapav CentreCost: INR 10 per Vada Pav, INR 60 per Pav Bhaji plateTimings: 9 Am – 10 Pm

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Image Credit: Kanikatwl for Wikimedia Commons

The exotic state of Gujarat has a lot to offer to all foodies who want to relish the street food in India. Dabeli is a scrumptious mix of Potatoes, Pomegranate, masala, peanuts, and burger bun. Those of you who love dishes that are a blend of spice and sugar, Dabeli will become your favorite dish on this list. Dabeli was first made in Gujarat and you will find street vendors selling it all around Ahmedabad. Do try flavory Gujrati dish on your vacation to make it memorable.

Where To Try: Karnavati Dabeli CenterCost: INR 100 for two peopleTimings: 9 Am – 10 Pm

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Image Credit: Vivekpat30 for Wikimedia Commons

The well-known Nizam Restaurant in Kolkata is the place where Kathi Roll was first made and after that, this roll can be found all around India. Thought it is available throughout India but if you believe in sticking to the place it was originated at then you must head to Kolkata. The egg roll is the most sold Kathi roll in Kolkata and there are other rolls with different fillings available. Try this tempting street food of India on your food spree to savor the local flavors of West Bengal.

Where To Try: Kusum Roll’sCost: INR 50 for two peopleTimings: 11:30 Am – 11:30 Pm

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Image Credit: Kanikatwl for Wikimedia Commons

Oh, the flavourful taste of Cholle Bhaturey! You can’t visit India and not dive into the flavors of Chole Bhature. The aroma of the crispy Bhaturey and the finger-licking blend of chickpeas and spices of Punjab will send you into a food coma for sure. The state of Punjab is known for its deep-fried Bhaturey and Chole served with Lassi and onion salad. Lassi is made from buttermilk and sugar and it is served chilled. Chole Bhaturey and Lassi is that delicacy on this list of best street food in India that will leave you wanting for more and more.

Where To Try: Kusum RollsCost: INR 50 for two peopleTimings: 11:30 Am – 11:30 Pm

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Image Credit: Missmansipants for Wikimedia Commons

As they say, keep the highlight for the last and so is the case with Delhi. India’s capital is the land of all flavourful street food from all across India. But this marvelous city is known for its Chaat and Tandoori momos. Ask any local and the first suggestion you will receive is do try Daulat Ki chaat. Wondering what makes this dish worth trying? Firstly this street food in India is not spicy but is a mouth-watering dessert. Khemchand Adesh Kumar introduces this heavenly dish to the world and this dessert is only available in winters. If you are up for trying this dessert in the capital city then plan your trip either in December or January.

Where To Try: Khemchand Daulat ki ChaatCost: INR 50 for two peopleTimings: 10 Am – 9 Pm8. Bengal’s Puchkas – Tiny Flavorful Bombs