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a person who has control or path of an organization, business, and so forth., or of a element, department, or phase of it.

a person who manages: the supervisor of our song team.

a person who controls and manipulates resources and fees, as of a family.

British. (previously) a theatrical manufacturer.


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What does “dignity” imply?Origin of supervisor

First recorded in 1580–ninety; manipulate+ -er1OTHER WORDS FROM manager

guy·ag·er·ship, nounsub·guy·ag·er, nounsub·man·ag·er·deliver, nounun·der·man·ag·er, nounWords nearby supervisor

management accounting, control buyout, control corporation, control data system, control union, supervisor, manageress, managerial, managerialism, manage up, coping with UnabridgedBased at the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2022

Manager most generally refers to someone who supervises employees in a agency or different enterprise.

Managers are generally somewhere within the center stage of an agency—the term maximum normally refers to someone who’s a boss however additionally has a boss. Manager is the noun shape of the verb control, which has many meanings but usually method to be in price of or supervise employees.

Example: After six years, I’ve ultimately been promoted to the location of supervisor. Where does manager come from?

The first information of supervisor come from around 1600. Manage is recorded earlier, across the mid-1500s. It comes from the Italian maneggiare, meaning “to address” or “to train (horses),” from the Latin manus, “hand.”

Managers are accountable for education and dealing with their personnel (whom they should NOT deal with like horses). A supervisor generally oversees a group of human beings in a agency and is generally answerable for planning, directing, and overseeing operations among that group of people. Collectively, the managers in a agency (particularly the pinnacle ones) are known as the management. A supervisor is usually a boss, but a supervisor also often has a md. (Such someone is regularly defined as being a part of center control.)

In professional baseball, the train of a crew is referred to as the supervisor. Many sports activities groups also have some other type of supervisor—someone who manages the system and looks after other matters for the players. The word is used in a similar way inside the context of leisure to refer to the person who handles the enterprise affairs of an entertainer or performer. Sometimes, a manager isn’t even a human (and we don’t simply imply that as an insult to bad managers). The word can consult with a sort of computer software that organizes some thing, as in file manager.How is supervisor used in real lifestyles?

Manager is a straightforward phrase, so whether or not it sounds positive or terrible to you probable depends on whether you’ve had precise managers or horrific managers.There is an antique rule in control that an awesome supervisor doesn’t have just a Plan A, however they have to have a Plan B & Plan C within the background, just in case the primary one doesn’t paintings. ../7

— Alan Baxter (@AlanBixter) April 6, 2020It’s crazy how having a horrific manager will make u wanna go away an awesome employer

— Dany Manansala (@svmmertimemagic) April 3, 2020Nothing turns people faraway from a enterprise quicker than a manager that treats their personnel poorly. It makes them just as uncomfortable as if they were the ones who were being handled that manner. Great article! #UIS431

— Bailey Wallingford (@bailey__w) October nine, 2018

Which of the following is an antonym (contrary) of manager?

A. managerB. bossC. subordinateD. overseerHow to apply manager in a sentence

It’s 6th within the Bundesliga right now and has additionally simply long past thru another manager firing.

Hedge-fund supervisor and former presidential candidate Tom Steyer has injected thousands and thousands into climate-friendly political campaigns over time.

With fresh protection video, the managers have been able to spotlight the viciousness of the rioters and how near things came to an excellent worse disaster.

I’ve vetted him thoroughly along side our general manager and owner.

He played general manager, too, convincing Rob Gronkowski to pop out of retirement and later advocating for the Bucs to sign extensive receiver Antonio Brown notwithstanding his issues.

Security officials advised Agence France-Presse that the gas station supervisor said he had identified the 2 men.

“Then I learned he can not spell and is a manager at a CPK,” she stated.

“We might simply as soon live away from a group so one can create controversy,” the Cubs widespread supervisor Sam Bernabe told the paper.

An office manager, he says, was wearing an apron with Santa on it.

The theater supervisor referred to as safety, and three moonlighting off-responsibility police deputies arrived.

Bidding a younger financial institution supervisor take rate of the detachment, Frank led the newcomer swiftly to headquarters.

My new-determined old schoolmate had become the financial supervisor of a first rate business residence having ramifications at some point of the sector.

Mr. Wainwright assumed the office of widespread supervisor on the primary day of the yr.

The items manager became no longer competitive, and it became sometimes idea that Mathieson inclined to encroach upon his territory.

No, he was a difficult-headed Scotchman, complete of ability and paintings, and as a railway manager stood at the pinnacle of the ladder.British Dictionary definitions for supervisor

someone who directs or manages an agency, industry, store, and many others

someone who controls the commercial enterprise affairs of an actor, entertainer, and so forth

a person who controls the training of a sportsman or team

a person who has a expertise for handling effectively

law a person appointed by way of a courtroom to carry on a enterprise in the course of receivership

(in Britain) a member of both House of Parliament appointed to set up a count number in which both Houses are involved

a laptop software that organizes a aid, including a hard and fast of documents or a databaseDerived styles of manager

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