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This is a list of food in india Indian dishes. Many of the dishes on this list are made all across India. Indian cuisine encompasses a wide variety of regional cuisine native to India. Given the range of diversity in soil type, climate and occupations, these cuisines vary significantly from each other and use locally available ingredients such as: herbs, vegetables and fruits. The dishes are then served according to taste in either mild, medium or hot. Indian food is also heavily influenced by religious and cultural choices, like Hinduism and traditions. Some Indian dishes are common in more than one region of India, with many vegetarian and vegan dishes. Some ingredients commonly found in Indian dishes include: rice, wheat, ginger, Garlic, green chillies and spices.North-East India[edit]

The North-East of India includes Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Tripura and Arunachal Pradesh.[1]NameImageDescriptionVegetarian/Non-VegetarianMaach JholFish with potol, tomato, chillies, ginger and garlic from AssamNon-Vegetarian[1]Pork BhartaBoiled pork with onions, chillies, ginger and garlic from TripuraNon-Vegetarian[1]Chak-Hao KheerPurple rice porridge from ManipurVegetarian[1]GalhoGalho is similar to khichdi, a dish made from rice and also lentils and also popular in the most parts of North East IndiaVegetarianNorth India[edit]NameImageDescriptionVegetarian/Non-VegetarianAloo gobiCauliflower with potatoes sautéed with garam masala, turmeric, sometimes kalonji and curry leaves.VegetarianAloo tikkiPatties of potato mixed with some vegetables friedVegetarianAloo tukdouble fried potatoes tossed in spicesVegetarianAloo kulchamildly leavened flatbreadVegetarianAloo matarPotatoes and peas in curryVegetarianAloo methiPotato with fresh Methi leaves.VegetarianAloo shimla mirchGreen capsicum with potatoes sautéed with cumin seeds, onions, tomatoes, ginger-garlic paste, turmeric, red chilli powder and garam masalaVegetarianAmriti with rabdia dessert made by combining amriti with rabdiVegetarianBaatihard, unleavened bread cooked in most of areas of Rajasthan, and in some parts of Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat states of India.VegetarianBhaturaa fluffy deep-fried leavened bread originating from the Indian subcontinent.VegetarianBhindi masalaOkra sautéed with onions and tomatoesVegetarianBiryaniMixed rice dish, optional spices, optional vegetables, meats or seafood. Can be served with plain yogurt.Non-VegetarianButter chickendish, originating in the Indian subcontinent, of chicken in a mildly spiced tomato sauce. It is also known as murgh mahalNon-VegetarianChaatStreet food. Usually containing potato patty fried in oil, topped with sweet yogurt, and other sauces and spicesVegetarianChana masalaChickpeas of the Chana type in tomato based sauce.VegetarianChapatiunleavened flatbread originating from the Indian subcontinent and staple in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, East Africa and the Caribbean.VegetarianChicken razalaa Bhopali style chicken cooked in a rich gravy with mintChicken TikkaChicken with spices served on a skewerChicken Tikka masalaChicken marinated in a Yogurt tomato sauce. It is known to have a creamy texture.Chole bhatureMain course with Chick peas, assorted spices, wheat flour and bhatura yeast.VegetarianDaal baati churmaa Rajasthani specialtyVegetarianDaal puriStuffed dal in parathasVegetarianDal makhani (kali dal)a main course with lentilsVegetarianDal faraVegetarianDalAssorted types of lentils, such as toor, urad, chana, masoor dalVegetarianDal fry with tadkaTypical north Indian tadkaVegetarianDum alooPotatoes cooked in curryVegetarianPohaSpecialty from Madhya Pradesh. Common snack in central part of India. Flattended rice, potato, turmeric.VegetarianFaraStuffed Lentil DumplingsVegetarianphirniThis is a dessert made of fine flour and ghee that is made only in Pundri.VegetarianFrench bean alooDiced French beans with potatoes cooked with chopped onions, tomatoes sautéed with cumin seeds, green chillies and garam masalaVegetarianGajar ka halwasweet dish native to North India. Carrot, Milk, Ghee, Cashew.VegetarianGajar matar alooDiced red/orange carrots and potatoes sautéed with black mustard leaves, garnished with ground black pepper powder and lemon juiceVegetarianGobhi matarCauliflower in a tomato sauceVegetarianImartispherically meshed sweet dish from North India made up of batter from moong dal dipped in sugary syrupVegetarianHari mutter ka nimona (green peas daal)a Typical north Indian tadkaVegetarianJalebiA North Indian twisted noodle like sweet dish dipped in sugary syrupVegetarianJalebaA bigger form of jalebiVegetarianKachoriRajasthani / Marwari specialVegetarianKadai paneerPaneer and green peppers in tomato gravyVegetarianKadhi pakodaGram flour with yogurt with gramflour fried ballsVegetarianKarela bhartaa bitter gourd or melon dishUsually vegetarianKatha meetha petha / kaddu halwaPumpkin cooked in spicesVegetarianKheerRice cooked with milk and dry fruitsVegetarianKhichdiRice cooked with daal and veggies and sauteedVegetarianKoftaGram flour balls fried with vegetables. Gram flour, veggies, food in india rolled into balls with gram flour and fried in oil and then cooked with curry.VegetarianKulfi faloodadessert to ward off sweltering heat of summersVegetarianLauki ke koftea way to serve bottle gourdVegetarianLauki ki subjia way to serve bottle gourdVegetarianLitti chokhaa baked salted wheat flour cake filled with sattu (baked chickpea flour) and some special spicesVegetarianMakhaan ka kheerSweet, made up with makhaana, milk, sugar, cashew and other savor. Popular in Mithilanchal region of BiharVegetarianMakki di roti, sarson da saagCreamed sarson mustard leaves, with heavily buttered roti made from corn flour.Punjabi winter favorite.VegetarianMathura ke pedea sort of a confectionVegetarianMethi saag, chaulai saabVeggie leaves sauteed in oil and garlic with little masalas. Cooked mostly in central part of India.VegetarianMisi rotiWhole wheat & gram flour dough ground masalas, pan friedVegetarianMixed vegetablemixed vegetables, slow cooked with a tomato sauce added.VegetarianMoong dal ka halwaa dish made with yellow lentils, milk, sugar, and nutsVegetarian DessertMurgh musallamNon-VegetarianMushroom do pyazaMushrooms & Onions in a tomato masala sauce spiced with chillesVegetarianMushroom matarMushrooms and sweet peas in a masala or chili sauceVegetarianNaanTandoor-baked soft flatbread made with refined wheat flour.VegetarianNavrattan kormaVegetables, Nuts, Paneer Cheese in a tomato cream saucePakhalaPakhalaCooked rice with waterVegetarianPalak paneerPaneer cubes in spinach gravyVegetarianPaneer butter masalaPaneer made with Indian Cheese. Paneer is substituted for meat in Vegetarian dishesVegetarianPaneer tikka masalavegetarian alternative to chicken tikka masalaVegetarianPani puria typical Indian tadkaVegetarianPanjeeria mixture of butter, dried fruits and whole wheat flour served as a dessert.VegetarianPapad[2]A crispy add on to Lunch and Dinner, for adding a spicy and crunchier taste to food.VegetarianParathaflatbread native to the Indian subcontinent, prevalent throughout the modern-day nations of India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Maldives, and Myanmar, where wheat is the traditional stapleVegetarianPattorA flour based snackVegetarianPhirnia rice PuddingVegetarianPindi chanaa chickpea dishVegetarianPinniAn almond based dessertVegetarianRajma chavala bean curry with riceVegetarianRajmaMain. Kidney beans & assorted spices.VegetarianRamatori subjia spicy side dish made with any two vegetables i.e. potatoes and cabbageVegetarianRongiBlack eyes peas, onions and tomatoes in a curry sauceVegetarianSamosaNormally served as an entree or appetiser. Potatoes, onions, peas, coriander, and lentils, may be served with a mint or tamarind sauceVegetarian/meat varietiesSamosea typical north Indian tadkaVegetarianSattu ki rotia dish from BiharVegetarianShahi paneerA popular Indian, as well as North Indian and Nepalese dish, made with paneer in a thick cream and tomato gravy and spicesVegetarianShahi tukraa bread pudding in a rich sauce of thickened milk, garnished with sliced almondsVegetarianSinghada halwaLotus fruit dried and powdered to make this fasting sweet meatVegetarianSooji halwaSemolina cooked with clarified butter and dry fruits. Semolina (Suji), clarified butter, cashew nuts.VegetarianSweet pethas / kesar petha / pista pethaA ravioli like dessert stuffed with a choice of fillings and equally popular in various parts of India and PakistanVegetarianVegetable jalfreziMeat and spices fried in a pan. Can be vegetarian as well.VegetarianTandoori Chicken