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Malang is one of the cities most frequently visited by tourist. Even not only dosmetic tourist which makes Malang city as a tourist place but also many tourists from aboard. The charm of the Malang city can not be underestimated. Moreover the atmosphere of the city is still very beautiful and also the air is very fresh.The Best Destination In Malang

This is what makes Malang become a city the most popular with tourists. Because cool air like in the mountains is rarely found in large urban areas but you can find if you visit to Malang. But if you want visit to Malang and you come from Jogjakarta then you better use travel Jogjakarta Malang. Some of the best destination in Malang city are:1. Batu Secret Zoo

If in mosts zoos there are only types of animals just ordinary like tiger, lion, elephant, monkey, and etc. Then at the zoo in the Batu city you can find various types of animals. Even the animals in this zoo do not exist in zoos in another cities. Because of this is what the zoo in the Batu city is called Batu secert zoo.

The most amazing is some animals that are on Batu secret zoo imported directly from zoos around the world. This is the greatest advantage of Batu secrest zoo.2. BNS (Batu Night Spectacular)Source :

Batu city is on of the cities in the Malang district which is indeed a tourist icon for the city of Malang. The most favorite tourist destinations in this city are BNS or stands from Batu Night Spectacular. In BNS you can find lots of lanterns with various shapes and colors. Beside thats BNS also has some very interesting rides and you can try.3. Batu Bekung beachSource :

If you want to try playing on the beach thats is on Malang city then you can go to Batu Bekung beach. Although this beach is located in a remote area that is precisely at Gajahrejo village, Gedangan, Malang. But the panorama in this beach indeed very beautiful.

But instead of going alone, it’s a good idea to use travel Jogjakarta-Malang. Because with use this service you no need to be confused to find the way to this beach.4. wsiata malang Masjid Tiban MalangSource :

Malang city also has interesting religious tourist destinations, namely Masjid Tiban. The uniqueness that is in this mosque is carvings along the walls of the mosque. This is carving on the walls of the mosque gives a beautiful impression to the mosque. In this nine-story mosque there are also other tourist attractions such as shopping place and place to eats.5. Jatim Park 1 and 2Source :

Jatim Park 1 and 2 is one of the tourist attractions you must visit while in Malang. In this tourist spot you can find several a very interesting game to try. Not only just a game that you can enjoy but you can also enjoy an educational tour.

Several tourist destinations in Malang city as explained above you can visit easily when using travel Jogjakarta-Malang.

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